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Knife Purchase Testimonials from people who have bought a Gerten's Creation.


     My apologies for the slowness of my response. My weekends always seem to use all of my time, especially in getting all of the holiday arrangements made. And I wanted to respond to your letter as soon as I could. It sounds to me as though your Grandfather was a wise man indeed and you do him great honor not only through your work but in all aspects of your life as well. I've received the knife you made and it is absolutely spectacular. Both my father and I have collected rare and beautiful knives for years and in all of our collection I must say with complete honesty that it is, by no doubt, the best piece of either of our collections! Not only does it shine with it's beautiful craftsmanship but also with a sheen that comes from my correspondence with you and the knowledge that it was made by one who possesses, what has these days become, a rare virtue. It's a gift to my father and I know he'll appreciate it as much as I do. And you needn't worry of boring me. I love to hear of other peoples thoughts, ideas, and life experiences. Well, as it is, I really must get to wrapping more gifts. I'll admit it isn't an art I've mastered yet, haha. Merry Christmas to you and your family. And may your strong spirit lead you well through life.
     James Patton


Forgive me for not contacting you sooner.  I just arrived to my new home, Hawaii!  The dagger is awesome!  I keep it well oilled.  Keep in touch man!  I'll ask you to make me a sword sooner or later.  You are of the last true craftsman of this country.  Thanks for everything.


Your Friend,

Chris Haines

Hi Frank, I just got back into town today. I picked up my package before I left, and
I tell you what, that knife is a work of art!  I love the way it fits into
my hand, and I've got to say it won't be sitting in a drawer somewhere.  The steel is fantastic, and I see something new in it each time that I look at it.You picked a nice piece of turquoise to work with, and it appears to be a good grade of chinese turquoise, but spider web comes from all over and
could be from here too. I'd be interested to know where it's from. The craftsmanship is very, very, nice. Thanks for the effort. I don't know if you sometimes make a piece that you hate to let go of, sometimes I do.  I made a buckle once with a piece of Kingman turquoise that weighted in at
fifty carats. I set a darn high price on it thinking no one would buy it but it was gone as soon as I put it out.  I've worked on not getting to attached to anything I want to sell, but sometimes a piece turns out so nice it's hard to part with. The hoof pics were a great surprise! Easy to handle, and I notice that  you've designed them to have great leverage on pulling out the deep stuff...already tried it on Montano, and was able to get through a lot faster than my old pick. Let me know if you want to sell some extra, I'd be glad to take them up to the local feed store and ask them to put them in. Did you use old horse shoes? Well, I just got in from La Junta and still need to care for the horses.
Clouding up and looks like snow. Thanks a million for the picks!


Ron and Deb Striegel

Dear Frank,
   The day has finally arrived, all this anticipation....... I've got it!!  It is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined..  I can't tell you how many times I've held it and looked at it throughout the day.  I am speechless.  I love the design you added to the handle ..... I have just stared at it in awe.    I am so glad that I chose you .... I am truly impressed with the way you corresponded with me throughout the making.  You certainly take pride in your work and it shows.  Frank, you are a fine gentleman and your work is absolutely priceless.  - SM

Hello Frank,  
   I am so sorry you wrote to us before we got to you, but it was still a delight to hear from you.  Please forgive me for not writing about my husband's reaction towards his knife, but our computer had some major problems, I believe it was due to our youngest thinking she knew what she was doing on this, and my thinking I knew how to fix it.  Anyway, we're up and running again and I just signed on a cleared enough e-mail to last a lifetime.  I couldn't wait until Christmas to give him his present like I knew I couldn't.  I even wrapped it which made it worse cause I couldn't see it.  He had no idea whatsoever that that is what I bought him.  He was amazed I even remembered.  
   Words can't describe how much he loves it.  The look on his face did.  He has taken it and shown everyone he knows.  Some people didn't know what a damascus knife was, but when they saw it, they knew it was something unique and special.  He said someday he would like you to make him a tomahawk.  I know he wanted to write to you and thank you himself and I'm sure he will.  I hope everything is all well with you and we'll be in touch.  Thank you again, Frank, I couldn't have bought a more special knife.
Thank you very much for your personal letter.  I feel very confident that I chose the right person to make my husband's gift.  I spent hours on the internet trying to find just the right knife, and really thought your work stood out from the rest.   


Thanks again,  Sandra McCoy