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Shopping Cart  Related Questions

I don't have a paypal account, can I still buy from you using a credit card?

Yes, you can, but you have to sign up through paypal in order to do that - you don't need to give them your bank info, just your card, it's all done through the e-mail and totally safe.


Do you take international orders?

Yes we do, but not credit card orders. Wire transfers are the only way we will accept money on international orders.


Are your products guaranteed?

Of course. I pour my heart into every piece and will stand behind it.  We will  stand behind and  repair a knife if it has broken due to workmanship on our part. There are times we are unable to honor repairs due to severe abuse of the knife by the owner. We have repaired knives that have
failed due to abuse at no charge to the owner but we will look at this on an individual basis and the repair needed. It is rare that we have received a request of this nature as most the knives tend to outlast their owners.



Knife Related Questions


I really liked your Salmon River Bowie Knife, but have a small hand, can you make it to fit?

Yes, just let me know about the size of you hand and I will customize that for you, at no extra charge.


What is a tang?

A Tang is the part of the knife that the handle is either attached to
or runs inside of. A stick tang runs inside the hande and can not be seen
from the outside. A full tang is the same shape as the handle and the handle
is attached to its sides. Many antler handles are stick tang where on a full
tang it is normal to attach handle "slabs" of material.

What is a good hunting knife style?
That depends on the likes of the owner. There are many different
styles of knives and knife blades. It is individual preference. Some people
like an "up-swept" blade design while others prefer more of a "drop point"
style. Same goes with blade length, personal preference. Most hunting knives
however rarely exceed 6 or 7 inches in blade length, many only 3 or 4.

What is "Dymond" wood?

Dymond wood is actual hardwood that has been resin impregnated and
pressed using great pressure and heat until it dries. It is very hard and
resistant to the elements. It is also often dyed so as to create some very
striking colors in the wood. It makes a very tough and pretty knife handle.

What is Damascus Steel?
Damascus steel gets its name from the process it requires to make.
Most Damascus steel is hand made. It requires forging different steels
together,, hammer welding them into a single bar then folding it over and
repeating the process. This is done until one creates the desired number of
layers. Some Damascus is also made by twisting the steels and hammer welding
them. Some may even have nickel layered within the steel to give a different
effect. Since it is hand made,,forged,,it creates a truly one of a kind
item as the design found in each blade is unique unto itself. It can also be
very time consuming and labor intensive to create. After a blade is created
it is given an acid bath which brings out the "grain" or design found in the
steel. No 2 are ever the same.

Will Damascus rust?
Most Damascus will rust very easily if not cared for. A light coat of
oil when being stored is a good idea. Don't store a knife in its sheath as
the chemicals used in tanning some leathers can rust a blade if kept in long
term contact. Try and keep your knife clean and dry. Damascus is a beautiful
steel and makes a stunning knife but does require some care.

Is stainless steel to hard to sharpen?

There are many types of stainless steels used in the creation of
knives. Some can be difficult to sharpen once it has dulled. We here at
Gertens Forge realize the frustration felt by a knife owner when they run
into this problem. We use mostly ATS-34 and 6A stainless,,,which when heat
treated and tempered right, can be re-sharpened by most people.. We try to
hit a happy medium between hardness and the ease of being able to keep a
keen edge on your blade. We also offer sharpening of your Gerten blade
should you so desire, free of charge to you other than the cost of shipping
and handling.

Do you repair knives?
Yes we do at times repair knives. We take each case on an individual
basis as it will depend on the knife and what repairs need done. We have
repaired both fixed blade and folders. When accessing the project we will be
quick to tell you if the repair is a good idea or not ,cost wise. Many times
the cost of repair can be more that the value of the knife and we will tell
you if this is the case and then leave it up to you if it is to be done.
Other times a knife may be to badly damaged to attempt repair,,,it just
depends on the knife.

Does antler and bone make good handle material ?
Yes,,,antler and bone can both make very good handle material and
create a very beautiful knife. There is care that should be taken with the
knife though. One should not leave the knife set in the sun for long periods
nor to close to a heat source. Both materials can bake and dry out,, perhaps
crack or shrink. Common sense is all you need when owning a knife with
antler or bone.

Can I order a specific knife from you and use a different handle
material than that shown?

Yes, In most cases we will be more than happy to create the knife you
have envisioned though there may be added cost depending on what you want
along with the possibility of a more time to build prior to shipping. This
will be handled on a case by case basis. The most important thing though is
for you to get the knife you want and we will do all we can to see that

Should I purchase a knife as a gift, will you write a personal letter
to the intended owner as a personal touch?

If you purchase a knife as a gift and request a personal letter,,,I
will be more than happy to honor that request or even talk to the person on
the phone or via e-mail about their gift. I always find it a pleasure to
have contact with the owners of our products and perhaps foster new